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What is a Licensed Land Surveyor?.

A Licensed land Surveyor is a professional person who possesses the required progressive active experience in the practice of land surveying under the direct supervision of a registered and practicing land surveyor, has passed written examinations in the fundamentals of surveying and the principles and practices of land surveying acceptable to the Kentucky State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and has received a license from said board.

The professional services provided by the land surveyor will cost less in time, worry and expense that the cost of losing land to an ad joiner, moving a building, relocating improvements or defending a lawsuit in court because of a land boundary dispute. The land surveyor renders a highly technical and complex service. No one other than the surveyor can assume responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the work.

How to Locate a Registered Land Surveyor.

Most land surveying work is acquired through the personal recommendation of satisfied clients, lending institutions, attorneys, real estate companies and title companies who frequently handle real estate transactions. If it is difficult to obtain a recommendation, the most direct way would be to check the listings under "SURVEYORS, LAND" in the classified section of the telephone directory. According to Kentucky law, only licensed practitioners can advertise themselves as Professional Land Surveyors. Also contact the Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors (1-800-866-3029) or the Kentucky State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (1-800-573-2680).

What is a Land Property Survey?.

A property boundary survey is the result of an accumulation of evidence researched from known recorded and non- recorded documents, witness evidence, field survey measurements and deed computation analysis of the property. The information obtained for the survey could be used in placing the property corners, determining land area, location improvements, determining encroachments, planning for future projects, preparing a survey plat and deed description and making legal presentations.

When is a Survey Needed?.

It is a good idea to have a property survey:




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