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December 6, 2010

RE: Letter of Recommendation for Tim Ryan and Ryan Land Surveying

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Ryan Land Surveying for the surveying and construction layout that is required on your project. I have worked with Mr. Ryan on the projects listed below and have firsthand knowledge of his exceptional abilities and the professional manner in which he performs his work:

  1. Stewart Station FGD project in Aberdeen, OH
  2. Clifty Creek FGD project in Madison, IN
  3. Meadow Lake Wind Farm Project near Lafayette, IN
  4. Goshen Waste Water CSO Project in Goshen, IN

At the above mentioned projects, Mr. Ryan demonstrated his skill and abilities in the following Surveying and Construction Layout activities:

  1. Set up for Initial control required for construction layout
  2. All layout required for excavation and form work of foundations
  3. Layout required to set anchor bolts, embedment plates, and other misc. items embedded into concrete with tolerance requirements as tight as one sixteenth of an inch
  4. As-build of foundations and embedded items within foundations
  5. Layout required for construction of auger cast piles
  6. Topography of existing ground profiles, and of material stock piles used to generate volume approximations
  7. Layout required for road construction

Craig Dyksen, Project Engineer
General Contractor



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